What We Do

At FND Ireland we are dedicated to advocating for and supporting those living with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) in Ireland. Whether you’re seeking information on FND, looking for peer connections, or advocating for better healthcare pathways, we’re here to support you.

Join us in our mission to raise awareness, promote research, and foster collaboration to ensure a brighter future for individuals and families impacted by FND across Ireland.


We aim to provide support to those impacted by Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) in Ireland.  Whether it is to get a better understanding of FND or if you are seeking information we hope to point you in the right direction.

FND Ireland will in time set up suitable forums for peer support to allow the FND community get together and share relevant information and experiences. We also plan to organise events with experts in the field of FND. These forums and events will give people the opportunity to learn more about FND, meet others on their FND journey and reach out the hand of friendship which could make all the difference in the years ahead.

We will work with Government to identify services and supports for adults and children living with FND and their families. We want to ensure that those living with FND experience a better quality of life not just through improved healthcare, but through a coordinated system of education and employment supports and social opportunities.



We advocate for and support the development of optimal adult and paediatric clinical pathways for Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) in Ireland. It is unacceptable that those living with FND in Ireland have to travel to the UK or further afield to access FND neuro-rehabilitation programs.

Key to progressing these FND clinical pathways is the accurate recording of the incidence of FND in the health system in Ireland. We plan to work alongside the Health Service Executive (HSE) using the patient partnership approach to ensure the voice of those living with FND is at the core of developing these optimal clinical pathways.

FND Ireland will also advocate Government to ensure that those living with FND and their families have equal access to disability and social welfare supports and services.


Many people have never heard of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), this must change.

We will raise awareness and understanding of FND with the public through relevant campaigns. We will work to educate Government on FND and the best ways to support those living with FND.

FND Ireland seek to improve awareness and understanding of FND amongst health and social care professionals by working with the Health Service Executive (HSE), Professional Bodies and Third Level Institutions. We will organise relevant information sessions and workshops.

Our ‘Reach out for FND’ national awareness campaign will feature during FND Awareness Month in April across many different platforms so that everyone can be involved. We will participate in Brain Awareness Week which takes place in March every year. We want to amplify the voice to those living with FND by giving people the opportunity to share their own FND journey.



FND Ireland seek to provide reliable information to those living with FND in Ireland through our website, social media and other sources. We plan to create an ‘FND Information Hub’ to remove the ‘myths’ around FND and provide a newsletter/magazine to update everyone on what is happening in the FND community.

We will organise relevant webinars and podcasts with experts in the field of FND including real life stories of those living with FND. We plan to host conferences to allow people living with FND and their families to connect and stay informed of latest advancements in the field of FND.

We are currently developing a directory of health and social care professionals with a specific interest in FND in Ireland.


We will promote, support and participate in research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of FND. We will work with healthcare and educational research professionals to ensure that Ireland is at the forefront in FND research. It is so important that we have those living with FND actively involved in research, we recognise that the ‘life experts’ on FND are those who live with FND every day. Research should be a partnership, it should carried out in collaboration with people living with FND as opposed to being carried out on them.


FND Ireland will engage and collaborate with other national and international organisations in a unified effort to advance treatment and supports for those living with FND. We will build relevant strategic alliances with other national and international organisations who support those with neurological or similar conditions.